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Understanding the Cost of Keeping Your Building Sparkling Clean

Understanding The Cost Of Keeping Your Building Sparkling Clean

When it comes time to figure out the budget for cleaning a building, everyone usually jumps straight to the big question: “How much will it cost?” This number is crucial for people managing the facility. If you get why cleaning costs what it does, you’ll be better at picking the right cleaning service.

So, what makes up the cleaning price tag? Here are the big five factors:

  1. How many people use the building.
  2. What kind of business you run.
  3. What your building is like.
  4. How often and what type of cleaning you want.
  5. How spotless you expect things to be.

Before diving into these, remember that labor – the cost of the cleaning crew’s time – is the biggest part of the bill. The more time it takes to clean up, the more you’ll pay. Now let’s break down each factor:

  1. How Many People are in Your Building

The more people, the more mess. Whether they’re workers, students, or visitors, each person adds to the cleanup. A busy call center with hundreds of employees will naturally cost more to clean than a big warehouse with just a few workers because there’s more trash and dirt to deal with.

  1. What Kind of Business You Have

Some businesses are just messier. A factory might spread dust and grime around, while a school or hospital will need lots of surfaces wiped down to keep them germ-free. The nature of your business can really change how much cleaning is needed.

  1. Your Building’s Characteristics

Cleaning can vary a lot based on the size of the building, how many bathrooms there are, what the floors are made of, how the space is used, how old the building is, and other things like that. An older space with lots of small, packed offices with hard floors is harder to clean than a newer, more open space with carpets.

  1. Types and Frequency of Cleaning Services

The standard cleaning contract usually includes taking out the trash, dusting, floor care, and looking after bathrooms. But how often these jobs are done can change the cost. In a hospital, floors are cleaned every day, but in a regular office, maybe just twice a week.

  1. How Clean is “Clean”?

Everyone has a different idea of what clean means. Some might be okay with a little dust here and there, while others want to be able to check any spot for dust and find none. Higher standards for cleanliness mean more time cleaning.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

How much it costs to clean your building really “depends.” The main cost is paying for the cleaning crew’s time, and that can change based on how many people use the space, what your business does, what your building is like, how often you want cleaning, and how clean you want things to be.

Want to talk about cleaning your place and get a free estimate? Just give us a shout, and we’d be happy to help