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Smart Savings: Optimizing Your Janitorial Services Budget

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Managing janitorial responsibilities in any facility often means juggling various tasks and making numerous purchasing decisions. It’s likely that, like many in similar roles, you’re under consistent pressure to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of services provided. Given today’s highly competitive business landscape, the emphasis on minimizing expenses is more crucial than ever.

When it comes to janitorial services, the challenge intensifies. There’s a common understanding in the construction industry that when seeking services, you can select two options from cheap, fast, or high-quality – never all three. This concept applies to janitorial services as well, posing the question: Is it possible to decrease spending while still upholding superior cleaning standards?

Here are two strategies to consider for balancing cost-cutting with maintaining the cleanliness and appeal of your facility.


#1 – Reassess and Adjust the Cleaning Schedule

Labor costs in the janitorial sector constitute roughly 60% of total expenses. Thus, reducing labor hours is a direct path to lowering overall costs. This can be achieved by revising the cleaning schedule or scope of work. Often, cleaning routines are set in place without regular evaluations of their efficiency or necessity. For example, certain low-traffic office areas may not require daily cleaning, yet the schedule insists on it.

Conduct a thorough review of your facility to understand the actual cleaning needs of each area. Determine which tasks are essential to perform daily and which can be scaled back without compromising cleanliness. Collaborating with a reputable cleaning contractor can provide insights into optimizing your cleaning regimen for both effectiveness and efficiency.


#2 – Separate Project Work from Regular Billing

Many organizations inadvertently overspend on janitorial contracts by including specialized project work, such as floor buffing, window cleaning, and other intensive tasks, within their regular monthly payments. These services are vital for maintaining a clean environment but may not be necessary as frequently as contracted, leading to wasted resources.

A more economical approach is to negotiate unit prices for these project tasks and schedule them only when truly needed. This adjustment can lead to substantial savings over the year, ensuring you’re not paying for services that are either not required as often as planned or inadvertently overlooked.

Maintaining Balance

Achieving the delicate balance between cost and quality in janitorial services requires a strategic approach. By critically assessing the cleaning schedule and separating regular maintenance from periodic project work, it’s possible to reduce expenses without compromising the cleanliness of your facility. These steps not only contribute to a more efficiently managed budget but also ensure that your environment remains pristine and welcoming for everyone who enters.

If you want to discuss ways to reduce your janitorial service costs, give us a call. We are ready to offer a free consultation when you are.