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Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 4:30pm


If you have any other questions please ask us by filling out the form on the Contact Us page

What is the process for considering Howard Building Maintenance (HBM) as our Building Maintenance Provider?

Step 1: Complete the online request form

Step 2: We will call to discuss your needs and schedule an evaluation

Step 3: As a team, both you and our Service Specialist will tour your builiding, no matter the size, review your facilities needs and recommend a cleaning and maintenance plan.

Step 4: A bid will be proposed, along with a start date.

What happens during an evaluation?

During the evaluation we determine your specific cleaning needs and requirements. Our team will take measurements of your facility and calculate cleaning service needs and required frequencies. A cleaning task list will be created and the facility will be pictured and marked with specific instructions to be uploaded into our software. This will give our cleaners both a written and visual task list to follow.

What about large one-time service jobs that are needed?

HBM is more than happy to do any one-time cleaning jobs for your facility. This includes, but not limited to, all your Large Carpet, Window, Construction Clean-Up, Tile and Event Clean Ups. We find that because of our superior service, our large one-time cleaning jobs are almost always reordered.

Does your company practice “GREEN CLEANING”?

Yes!!!! HBM has always been a green cleaning company, at no additional cost to our customers. Our environmental goals are clear. “We take our responsibility to leave the smallest footprint seriously”.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes. HBM is a licensed, bonded and insured building maintenance company.

Why should I outsource my cleaning or janitorial services?

Due to our many years of experience and professional equipment we can complete office and business cleaning tasks more efficiently than in-house crews. This allows you to spend your time and money on growing your business.

We also can easily scale to meet your growing demand or new locations added to your business.

Will I have the same cleaner every time?

Yes, as far as is practical, the same cleaners will clean your business each visit. We understand how important familiarity is for some customers. We prefer to send the same cleaners each time. They, over time, learn how to best to clean your business.

What size facilities do you clean?

We clean large and small facilities; as small as a single office once a week to large distribution centers and multi-location health facilities everyday.