Tile and Grout Floor Care

~Tile, Not Just A Pretty Space~

Grout is a mixture of sand, cement and water.  Once it is installed and dried it has no protection from stains, spills and dirt.  The grout that is in between tiles is actually very porous and it will absorb liquids and dirt, which will stain the grout permanently if not sealed correctly.  As the grout in your facility becomes dirty over time, it will start changing color, making the tile floors not just look bad, but also unsanitary.

We use a specifically designed pre-treatment solution that is odorless, high quality and eco-friendly.  We use this in combination with our hot and pressurized water that is contained under vacuum pressure, also known as ‘steam cleaning’.  The system that our Techs have been fully trained to use is completely safe, it does not damage the tile or grout and does not splatter any water on the walls or surrounding objects.


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We highly recommend having your grout sealed after the cleaning process.  The sealant is also recommended for natural stone because it is also very porous.  Our sealer will penetrate into and fill the pores to block liquids or dirt that are trying to soak in.  We offer sealers that come in a rich matte finish or a spectacularly, shining gloss.

Our tile and grout cleaning system does a great job of restoring any tile and grout from ceramic to porcelain and even natural stone, including granite.  The process that we use does not leave a residue or left-over solution so your tile will be left dry and completely sanitized before we leave.

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