Construction Clean-Up

~Construction Cleaning Becomes Simple~

In order to get started on any construction cleaning job, we need to discuss exactly what your cleaning requirements are and specifically what needs to be cleaned, how it needs to be cleaned and what condition the area should be in after the final cleaning. We will make an assessment of what construction materials need to be hauled away and which construction materials should stay. This guarantees that only items that need to be removed and cleaned up, are.

In many cases, pricing may be provided without visiting the construction site. In these instances, it is important to have historical references so pricing can be given using variables such as square foot. Call us today to schedule a free construction clean up consultation.

Howard Building Maintenance

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Our crews here at Howard Building Maintenance are experienced and self-starting and are exceptional at completing all assigned tasks while working around other contractors. We keep construction clean-up costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

We can develop a program to address any contractor or construction company's post-construction cleaning needs. Our construction cleaning crews can and will make a tremendous improvement to your establishment by executing, diligent, timely and most importantly, satisfactory cleaning services.

We will work with you to develop a plan to clean your post construction facility and make it showcase ready for the new owners/tenants to move and the place their new home.

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