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Without proper care and maintenance, the carpets at your facility are more prone to long-term damage than just about any other part of your building. As contractors who clean carpets, we live in a world of salt, snow, mud, leaky juice boxes, and spilled lattes. This experience is no different from what other contractors face, but the key is knowing what to do when dealing with an acid-based spot on a nylon fiber or how aggressive to be when agitating an olefin fiber. Fortunately, the experts at Howard Building Maintenance specialize in the finer details of carpet care and maintenance.


Howard Building Maintenance

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We prioritize maximizing the value of your carpet and upholstery systems. With all of our commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services, we can immediately improve the appearance of your facility’s carpets and upholstery while protecting the carpet fibers for years to come. We train our technicians in the latest processes so they’re prepared to respond to a variety of challenges at your facility. At the same time, our team continually refines our cleaning processes to deliver the latest in carpet cleaning technology while looking for ways to clean your facility more efficiently.

Whether you need your facility’s carpets cleaned on a monthly or bi-yearly basis, Howard Building Maintenance offers the flexibility to deliver a cleaning schedule around your specific requirements. From basic daily upkeep to deeper cleaning, spot removal, and extraction services, the team at Howard Building Maintenance  has you covered.

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